SystemRoMedic Ami

Safe and secure sit-to-stand and transfer without lifting

Ami is a transfer platform designed to activate and support active users with impaired balance and reduced lower limb strength during sit-to-stand and to facilitate standing or semi seated transfers between beds, wheelchairs and toilets.Whether the challenge to transfer independently is permanent or temporary, these are situations which occur numerous times on a day to day basis and, even for a single caregiver, Ami is a safe and ergonomic solution which is also very easy to use and manoeuvre.

Simple – yet versatile and cost-effective

Ami is a simple yet safe and highly functional assistive device facilitating a range of daily situations such as standing, dressing, toileting and positioning further back in a wheelchair or chair, both for the user and for the caregiver. It can also be used to facilitate assessment and exercise of weight-bearing capability. In total, Ami is a cost-effective solution for the prevention of accidents such as trips and falls and for elimination of manual lifting, back strain and injuries.

Very easy to understand and use, both for the user and the caregiver

The caregiver swings the seat pads away from each other to create the open position and pushes Ami to approach the seated user from the front. Ami is very easy to move, turn and adjust to different positions. This enables the device to be positioned as close as possible, allowing the user to place their feet onto the footplate with their knees comfortably against the padded knee support. The caregiver locks the rear castors, instructs the user to hold on to the cross bar and encourages the user to pull the cross bar and rise into a standing position using their own strength. The caregiver swings the seat pads together to the closed position to create a supportive slanted seat, allowing the user to choose either a standing or a semi seated position while still holding on to the cross bar. During the entire transfer, the user is facing the caregiver for optimal contact and security.

Physical and psychological benefits for the user

When the user is participating in their own transfer, their circulation, breathing, digestion and muscle tone are improved whilst stiffness is reduced. In addition, the activity is also building the user’s confidence and self-esteem.

Combine with other aids for additional support and safety

Ami has been designed to activate users with impaired balance and strength in their legs but, to actively participate in the transfer and to get the best out of Ami, the user must be able to weight bear as well as to grasp and have a degree of arm strength. For users who need more support for stability and security during transfers, Ami can be used in combination with Handicare’s SystemRoMedic™ StandUpSling or ThoraxSling which are available in several models, materials and sizes.

  • Compact/small and convenient
  • Non motorised and no mechanical parts; easy maintenance and servicing, no settings are required
  • Safe, comfortable and non-intrusive transfers
  • Reduces the risk of accidents such as trips and falls
  • Activates the user
  • Intuitive use and manoeuvring without manual lifting
  • Prevents work related back strain and injuries
  • Neat and attractive design; simplifies hygiene
  • Stable, epoxy coated steel frame
  • Fixed base width with a more narrow front profile for easy positioning next to a bed, chair or wheelchair
  • Four swivel castors ensure easy moving, turning and positioning, in all spaces
  • Lockable rear castors
  • Comfortable push grips at an ergonomic height for the caregiver
  • Sturdy cross bar with comfortable, slip-resistant handles for the user
  • Padded seat pads; swing-away to provide easy access, swing together to create a supportive, slanted seat for the user
  • Contoured, padded lower-leg support
  • Stable and secure footplate covered with slip-resistant material
  • Knobs designed for easy and safe attachment of a supportive lift vest


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