Mobility Scooter Storage

There are several different mobility scooter storage options within our range, from a Standard Garage made from a pvc coated nylon material, to the Super Deluxe Garage made of a heavy duty pvc. We can also supply a wider garage for the bigger scooters that are on the market, and a narrower garage for the smaller, car transportable scooters.

We have recently launched the new executive garage to our range, which allows a scooter with a canopy assembled on it to be stored inside, which comes with the option of fixing either into the ground with pegs or drilled into concrete. This is also available with a window door or a fabric door in Green only.

Please call us for a free no obligation quote, we are happy to do a site visit to determine the best solution for you and as always you have our “Buy with Confidence” Guarantee that we will provide a quote ad give you the ” Time to think” you deserve.