The Millie Mova

The millie-mova system is a simple chair accessory that makes it easy to get a seated person up to and away from a table.

  • Eliminates risk of injury to carer/Staff
  • Safeguards service user’s legs and hands
  • Prolongs chair life
  • Protects the floor from damage
  • Improves dignity and safety for service user
  • Improves chair stability

How does it work?

It is a simple lever with wheels. On pressing the pedal it lifts the front chair legs off the ground and onto the wheels. Combined with the rear wheels this makes it much easier to move the occupied chair forwards or backwards.

Is it safe?

Millie MovaThe device is suitable for clients up to 130kg. It is fail-safe in that if it broke mechanically the chair would return to normal. Unlike some devices purporting to solve this problem it does not make the chair too easy to move – an obvious potential hazard with people that are unsteady on their feet (see safety page). The rear wheels kit provides extra stability for the front legs as it contains two high-friction rubber discs for the bottom of the front legs. Ferrules are required for metal leg chairs.

The millie-mova can be fitted in just a few minutes with simple tools. A DIY person or handyman should have no problem.

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