The Careflex Range

Hydrocare ChairThe Hydrocare Chair

The HydroCare is a supportive and adaptable nursing chair that incorporates a wide range of features to optimise the seating experience of its occupants.

These features include back angle recline and integral pressure management in the seat as standard. The seat width, height and angle are tailored to suit each individual client whilst seat depth can easily be adjusted when required. In addition, the HydroCare can be tailored further through a comprehensive range of accessories to ensure a correct sitting posture is achieved.



Hydrotilt ChairHydroTilt® Small and Mini

Simple, dependable, robust The Small and Mini HydroTilt models provide all the positioning features and pressure relief benefits of the standard HydroTilt with the key dimensions scaled down for frail elderly or paediatric clients.

The Small HydroTilt is suited to small clients of all ages whilst the Mini is appropriate for small children from the age of three.


Simple, dependable, robust The HydroTilt features Tilt-in-Space and integral pressure management in the seat and backrest to provide a simple yet secure and comfortable seating solution.

The key dimensions of seat depth and width can be easily adjusted to ensure that a wide range of clients are sitting correctly and their risk of pressure damage is minimised.


Hydroflex Enhanced ChairThe Enhanced HydroFlex®

The HydroFlex is the most flexible chair in the CareFlex range, combining an articulating back, back angle recline, Tilt-in-Space and integral pressure management. The wide variety of positions that can be achieved, together with the comprehensive range of options and accessories that are available, mean the chair can accommodate specific postural adjustments or form part of a rehabilitation programme.