Riser Recliner Chairs


EC12 Merlin Black Tilted

The “merlin” chair in Ultraleather with envelope backrest has a 7 Year Warranty

Riser Recliner chairs have become more sophisticated and no two chairs are exactly the same.

There are a variety of options and not just the fabric coverings to consider. there are different mechanisms that behave very differently, there are options of different arm styles, important for helping you to stand, plus there are options for accommodating different body shapes,sizes as well as posture and pressure care for long term sitters with more complex needs.

It is fair to say that sitting and posture-care and its associated problems is one of the most common healthcare issues we deal with.

We have put together this useful guide to give you some insight into what is available.

  Our prices start from £699.00
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* Basic model with single motor.

  • There are lots of shapes and styles of backrest to suite different clients
  • Chair sizes from Petite to Grande
  • Differrent “actions” for different movements, inc space saving Wall Huggers, Dual, triple or single motor chairs.
  • Some chairs are suitable for sleeping in
  • 3 possible lift settings including no tilt just flat lift
  • Different fabric finishes, inc real and manufactured Leather,as well as hard wearing antibacterial and waterproof fabrics.
  • Options for built in Pressure relief
  • Free no obligation home assesments available by appointment
  • On site parking and easy access to our showroom
  • 7 year Warranty available on selected models

Basic chairs have a limited fabric range and limited or no facilities to alter the style or size of the chair. However they are usually available within 48-72hrs of purchase or possibly sooner in some cases.

We believe that we have sourced a superb range of chairs to suit our customers’ needs, whether you need a more comfortable chair, or to solve a serious seating issue, our range will include something suit your requirements. Osteopoise has established a very good reputation for providing quality products at affordable prices. Our staff are trained to identify your needs and provide valuable advice to help you select the correct chair. All our staff are salary based employees who are not paid commission on sales. This provides the peace of mind that you will only be recommended the correct chair for you at a genuine and reasonable price.

The Blenheim Chair

We supply a comprehensive range of ‘off the shelf’ products as well as bespoke items, manufactured to meet individual clients’ needs with a vast range of fabric and style options. This does not always make the chairs more expensive, just a much better quality. The majority of our clients have problems, which ultimately requires an in-depth assessment to establish the correct chair to be supplied. We therefore offer a free, no obligation home demonstration on our full range of seating products to ensure you purchase the correct chair for your needs now and in the future.

Our Specialist Chairs, are suitable for clients who are much more limited in Mobility and require additional support,comfort and pressure care. We have a broad range and there are a good number of option available to met the most challenging and demanding needs.