Troja- Parkinsons Rollator

TOPRO Troja  Parkinson’s Rollator Neuro – Small – Optional backrest
The TOPRO Troja Parkinson’s Rollator Neuro – with a reverse braking system, designed and developed for people with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions

Extra safe:

  • The reverse braking system ensures the brakes are automatically activated
  • The rollator will only move when the brake handles are pushed in
  • If the brake handles are released the TOPRO Troja Neuro will stop immediately
  • The reverse brake system will prevent falling
  • Safe to sit down and stand up with the brakes automatically turned on
  • Possible to deactivate the brakes completely by pushing the brake handles all the way down to the locked position. The rollator can then move freely
  • Small turning circle makes it easy to use in small rooms like bathroom and kitchen
  • Easy to negotiate thresholds and curbs etc. with the edge guard and tilt function
  • Accessories for a variety of uses are available, e.g. one-handed brake and adjustable back support

Easy to fold, requiring little space when stored

  • Pull the cord on the seat and the rollator folds together horizontally
  • Push the handlebars down into the sidebars
  • Unique memory function sets the handlebars back to the appropriate height
  • Stays securely on its wheels when folded
  • Takes little space and is very practical to transport
  • Excellent for users who travel by car, train, bus or airplane

Practical and lightweight

  • Plastic coated aluminium tube and plastic couplings
  • Fabric consists of plastic and polyester
  • A total of 12 ball bearings in the wheel and forks provide excellent driving comfort
  • Can be steamed, hosed and washed, provided that the laser light unit and the switch box are removed


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