Puma 20

Naturally, you expect your power wheelchair to take you comfortably wherever you want to go.

And offer you all the essential functions you need for an active lifestyle. This is fully reflected in our Puma 20 Lite. Robust, practical and affordable, this chair offers simply good driving. And many optional extras

Maximum independence for an active daily life

Designed for intensive indoor and outdoor use, Puma 20 delivers the best driving performance in its class. Front or rear wheel drive, it is easy to drive with your choice of electronics. Enjoy a smooth and stable ride thanks to good suspension – with rubber shock absorbers – and comfort seating. A higher top speed and larger range are possible. Strong motors and high torque, ensure high manoeuvrability. Together with its compact design this is very convenient for use in and around the house.

All the essentials you need… and more

Naturally, Puma 20 provides all the essential functionality you would expect from a good mobility product. But there is more… Truly modular in design, Puma 20 also offers you the flexibility to easily ‘upgrade’ your chair to suit your personal needs. Combine the robust Sedeo Lite seat frame with  your choice of high-quality Sedeo seat cushion, backrest, armrests and legrests. And choose electrical 25° seat tilt adjustment and lights for enhanced seating comfort and safety. For ultimate seating comfort, choose the award-winning Sedeo Pro seating system.

Distinguishing Handicare design for pleasant and carefree driving

Handicare has a reputation for quality and safety. Do not expect anything less from your Puma 20. Our uncompromising approach to performance, comfort and ease of use has resulted in a technically smart, modular design with lots of possibilities. While creating a highly functional and durable wheelchair, however, we have certainly not overlooked the importance of aesthetics. Enjoy comfortable and safe driving in style with Puma 20.

Access Solutions

We have portable as well as fixed access products available.

Battery Maintenance

Our battery care and maintenance guide will help you get the most life from your battery.


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