The Ridgeway

Our most versatile Riser recliner ever!  

Probably one of the most comfortable chairs available anywhere!

Multi-function Riser recliner

Independant Tilt in space, Leg raise,back angle recline and sit to stand functions

Soft Contoured backrest with lateral support

Visco insert in leg rest and seat (interchangeable)

Med-High pressure relief in Seat & Leg section. * options include an active air cushion if needed

VP cover on seat and leg rest for ease of cleaning and increased effectiveness of pressure relief.

Waterfall backrest in VP (fully Adjustable pillows)

20-40  Stone Client capacity.

The Ridgeway can be manufactured in a small, medium or large format

Standard features:

multi positional lift function inc flat or tilted lift,

Independant tilt in space with independent leg rest and backrest  functions

Reduction of oedema with higher leg elevation can be achieved in combination with the Tilt In Space function

as well as reduced shearing and improved sitting balance.

There is a full thickness support underneath the pressure cushion to reduce the risk of bottoming out.


5 year electrical warranty

2 year warranty on the Mechanism-Chassis,1year Materials & Fabrics