The Mistley Chair

Available in sizes small, medium and large, this riser recliner is a fantastic all rounder. With the Mistley, you get the option of upgrading to accommodate tailored sizing, greater weight limit and a choice of lift and tilt angle options.

Whether you prefer to maintain a seat to back angle while you recline or feel independent legrest and backrest movement is better suited to your needs, we will use the selected action to ensure your Mistley is functioning to perfection. Our new Wallhugger action also improves options for smaller spaces (coming soon).

The choice of eight different backrest styles ensures comfort and positioning for each individual when seated.


  • Single or dual tilt-in-space action (Wallhugger coming soon)
  • Choice of three standard sizes: small, medium or large
  • Upgrade option for bespoke sizing, greater weight limit and choice of lift and tilt angle on medium and large models
  • Unique scrolled armrest
  • Choice of 8 backrest styles – Waterfall Back, Firm Back, Soft Back, Soft- Wing Back, Lateral Support Back, Double Lateral Support Back, Split Back and T-Back
  • Matching fireside chair available
  • Provides an excellent position for reading or watching television
  • Fixed seat and legrest wrap
  • Emergency lowering device (one action only)
  • Castors for ease of movement
  • Wide choice of soft covers, water-resistant, breathable fabrics, vinyl or leather**
    **Vinyl, leather and some soft covers may cause creaking or noise on action chairs

To book an assessment please call our office on 01949 831444 to discuss your requirements.