Invacare Kuschall Champion

The Kuschall Champion is the rigid chair – that folds!
This redesigned, new generation product sets the standard at the highest possible level.

Experience the driving performance, stability and style of a fixed frame chair with all the benefits of one that folds.


Behind every küschall wheelchair development there is a story! After his swimming accident at the age of 16, Rainer Küschall lost all mobility and freedom. Despite the fear, he was always determined to overcome the daily chal- lenges he faced. One of these was to transfer from his wheelchair to his car. At that time, he always needed another person to put the wheelchair in and out of the car but at least he had the free- dom to drive … until a warm summer day when he started to feel unwell. Due to his injury, Rainer cannot sweat, which cre- ates a huge risk to his health. Realising the immediate danger, he pulled over at a petrol station, opened the car door, and waved at two people standing outside in a desperate attempt to get some water.


When the people saw him, they were so afraid of his disability, that they immedi- ately closed the car door again. Rainer was trapped in his own car! That was the moment Rainer became determined to take the next step to independence; making a wheelchair that he would be able to fold, move over his lap and put on the passenger seat. Thus, the idea of the küschall Champion was born.

Twenty-eight years on, the küschall Champion is the only wheelchair model of its type, with its tried and trusted de- sign that has stood the test of time mak- ing it as popular today as when it was first launched.

The küschall Champion is the benchmark for foldable wheelchairs, and this new generation sets the standard at the highest level. Experience the driving performance and stability of a rigid wheelchair with all the advantages of a foldable one, which include:

  • Stiffness and rigidity for unrivalled driving performance
  • Stepless adjustments
  • Minimal frame design


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