Invacare Alber e-fix E35/36

Invacare Alber e-fix E35/36

With e-fix, the electrical add-on drive for your wheelchair, you can cover longer distances quickly and easily.

The conversion is so easy: your specialist dealer will simply swap the drive wheels and install the battery pack and control unit – all done. The motors are neatly concealed within the wheel hubs. Almost all current types of wheelchairs can be retrofitted with e-fix in this way. This means that you can con- tinue to use a wheelchair that has been optimally adjusted to suit you.

E-fix takes you effortlessly to your destination: whether in the house, while shopping, or when travelling by car.

The e-fix is also very easy to push by hand if the situation requires it: just uncouple the drive wheels with a simple move- ment and your wheelchair can be propelled manually in the usual way – either by using the push rims or by another person pushing.

In addition, the compact control unit offers you excellent com- fort. Its clear, colour display shows all the important information, such as battery capacity and speed, at a single glance. And if you so wish, you can adapt the e-fix to your personal require- ments using the intuitive menu navigation. Moreover, additional

It’s so easy to control your wheelchair with e-fix you can get used to it almost at once. The speed can be varied continuously from 0.6 to 6 km/h (0.37 to 3.7 mph) through a controller that is easy to operate. The lower the speed selected, the more ma- noeuvrable the driving behaviour. You steer and the e-fix thinks for you!


At only 2 kg, the battery pack of your e-fix is extremely light, and at 8 cm wide, exceptionally slimline as well. Thanks to its cleverly-designed battery mount, one hand is enough for in- stallation and removal. Most folding wheelchairs can even be folded up with the battery in place.

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