Body Position & alignment

Body Position & alignment

Much of the work we do positioning the client requires stabilisation of the trunk, here we use either PADDED CURVED WEDGES or TRI-FOLD Brackets, to promote a more midline posture at the trunk.

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The TWIN SIDE ROLLS are a positioning element to centralise posture,

often used for ‘Peg Fed’ clients requiring elevation during feeding. There is also a full body version.

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These issues are rarely straight forward and whilst we can convey some of the principals of the system, on these pages it is always advisable to see the system for yourself.

Osteopoise are more than happy to offer a no obligation home assessment, preferably with your health professional, IE Physio or Occupational therapist present so that all of you needs are assessed correctly. Our preference is to use as little equipment as possible to achieve the desired goals.

To book an assessment please call our office on 01949 831444 to discuss your requirements.