Invacare Action 5

Invacare Action 5

The Invacare Action5 has been designed for the more active individual, looking for an affordable chair with great drive performance and the ability to fold easily for handling, storage and transportation purposes.

With it’s two new advanced innovations (patent pending) and lightweight construction, the new Action5 gives individuals a chair they can enjoy and rely on. Key features include:

  • Unique folding mechanism
  • Stability of a rigid chair
  • Quick step-less adjustability
  • Highly configurable

Unique folding mechanism

  • The innovative design of the chair allows the frame to greatly reduce in size and the backrest to fold on top of the seat, making the chair compact.
  • No additional handling is required to fold the chair, making it effortless for storage and transportation.

All the Stability of a rigid chair

  • The ‘H-Shaped’ horizontal folding mechanism (patent pending) provides an improved level of stability compared to other folding chairs on the market.
  • The self-locking function ensures a secure seat position and makes the chair far easier to propel effectively improving drive performance


Adjust the chair whilst the individual remains seated

  • Our unique, clever design allows backrest angle adjustments to be made whilst the person remains in the chair (patent pending).
  • The step-less adjustability makes assessments and fitting both quick and easy to ensure the perfect fit for individuals.
  • The built in scale allows for a more accurate backrest angle to be set for postural comfort.

Make it personal

  • There are a variety of vibrant colours available to choose from, allowing individuals to design the chair around their personality.
  • The Action5 can also be configured depending on individual needs, starting from selecting a more active look with the fixed frame, or the swing away version for even easier folding and transportation.

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