Designed and developed by a multi-disciplined team. The Snooooooze Sleep System is built on the skills of carers and health professionals who have for so long used rolled up towels, pillows, cushions and of course Teddy Bears to position children. Designed with comfort and purpose in mind Developed in consultation with Occupational Therapists and multidisciplinary teams across the UK, the snooooooze sleep system offers flexible (and bespoke) positioning solutions to support individuals in supine (on their back) side and semi prone lying positions, ensuring that they stay in the correct position overnight whilst stil maintaining a high level of comfort. These have been re-designed to give cushioning which performs. Either by interfacing to a mattress cover, or for day time, to a Therapy mat, the system is easy to use and offers a high degree of user compliance. Changes of posture are very easy with no fixed shapes, offering a high degree of carer compliance. Being covered in Dartex, a breathable healthcare material, and filled with crumbled visco elastic foam there is an excellent tactile feel. All elements are rated at CRIB 5 fire resistance and t he removable covers are washable at 95 degrees for infection control. Flexible, durable and safe Options of filling choice and the ability to adjust the concentration gives the system truly flexible characteristics, needed very much for clients with low body mass. Covered in Dartex and washable at 95 degrees infection control is addressed. Simply fit the mattress cover, align the client in the optimum position then support only where necessary so minimising the cushioning the client is in contact with, we therefore reduce the chances of overheating. Demonstration and assessments are available for on-site client assessments – Range – Body Rolls, Star pillows, T-Rolls, Neck Rings, Cubes, Horseshoes, Leg Troughs, Bananas, Tapered rolls, Wedges, Supporting brackets and custom made items. Early Intervention – a selection of items that allow the carer/therapist to establish and maintain a good postural position for the client and for parents to learn good practice and understand the value of a good sleeping posture. You can see a selection of training and practical vices on the Snooooooze Youtube channel, linked here.

If you think you know what a T-Roll is you are probable thinking, its Firm, usually blue and rather awkward to use with some clients with contractors or very high levels of tone,

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Much of the work we do positioning the client requires stabilisation of the trunk, here we use either PADDED CURVED WEDGES or TRI-FOLD Brackets, to promote a more midline posture at the trunk.

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