Enter the Chasswheel Four X

Its not everyday that you see one of these!!

Not for the feint hearted, the Chasswheel is a go anywhere machine,its credentials are very impressive. It eats kerbs for breakfast!!


Four X: Feel free and mobile!

Chasswheel Four X wheelchair is designed to provide a powerful solution for users looking for an off-road 4WD wheelchair. Its unique design with independent axles allows the user to go in previously inaccessible locations: Forest, sand, snow at up to 10 Km/h. Its flexible frame and its electrically adjustable center of gravity provide for an incredibly comfortable ride on any type of terrain and allows for up to 15 cm smooth crossings. It can travel for up to 41 Km.

for all the technical spec and a bit more info click here for the PDF brochure .  


PS its great fun too.